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Tenants Views

We encourage our tenants to give us regular feedback on how they found the service given and what improvements we can make to ensure they have a good living environment and the best chance to sustain a tenancy.

Hits gives you the like, the ability to learn and manage bills even cleaning and just the maintenance of the flat

Alarna: Ex-tenant

I was in a children’s home and one of the workers told me about Hits. I didn’t want to go to a hostel where there’s staff there all the time. I’ve got more privacy here. You’re living in your own flat but there’s people there if you need them. When I first came here I hated it because I was by myself most of the time and I was used to living with people by everyone was like “stick it, it’s just ‘cos you’ve just moved in”. Sometimes I want to be by myself now. It’s wonderful – I can do what I want, when I want. I’m leaving soon. I’ve just had an offer on a flat. It’s a nice place right near the city centre.

Giles: Ex-tenant

I was a tenant in 2001. I had a situation with the break-up of my marriage and I was faced with homelessness. I basically went through the housing associations and Hits picked me up first. It’s very good. I have Asperger’s Syndrome which means when it comes to living on my own, being able to organise all the things to do with Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, I was very much in need of the help and support that Hits gave me. If it wasn’t for the people at Hits I wouldn’t have the benefits that I have now and I wouldn’t be in the situation that I am – very comfortable. Although at the moment I am still out of work I can work through that period, go through sorting out Benefits and things like that from what I’ve been taught. The best thing about this project is the integrated support and the fact that there is someone who knows the system and can walk you through it and show you how to organise your life without being too intrusive.

Hits Christmas 2022

Maz Sameja: Ex-tenant

I was referred to Hits by Jason Court Hostel. I moved in because I wanted to move somewhere I had privacy and would be treated like an adult. It’s a good place to build up your confidence and helps you get ready to live on your own. It’s also furnished and has nice sized flats. The most important thing for me was that there’s an office and staff members that are there to help when you need help. If you can get a place at Hits then do, ‘cos it’s a good place and the staff will help you as much as they can and to the best of their ability.


Towana Graham, Ex-tenant and Management Committee Member

I’m an ex-tenant and a Management Committee member for Hits. I started living with Hits just before my 18th birthday. I’m 31 now (2006). The most important thing about Hits – and I think they do this uniquely – is about the office. It’s access and that support. A cup of coffee or a cup of tea and sit down and chat – about your boyfriends; normally it’s about your boyfriends! Anyone can just have a hostel, but we have the support. When I moved in here it was in May and my exams were in June. I could have easily failed but I didn’t. The supported accommodation is so vital.

I think Hits is remarkable because they go out and they raise the money. If they haven’t got funding for Christmas dinner, they dress up and go out there and raise the money and the young people take part. It’s not, “Oh, got no funding, can’t do it”.