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How to Apply

If you think Hits Homes Trust is the right place for you then this is the way to apply.  We will invite you to what is known as an informal interview where you can meet the staff and find out about the project in more detail. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions and see if this is the right place. We will help you complete an application form and do a risk assessment. This usually lasts for one hour but you are welcome to bring a friend to accompany you.

You will be invited to a second interview that lasts for 15 mins and is carried out by the two members of staff. We interview all the applicants for the vacancy on the same day and simply wish to establish whether this is a suitable place for you and you understand what is involved in living on your own.

We will inform you of the decision by phone the next day and put it in writing as well. If you are successful you usually move in the following Monday. You can bring a friend to the interview but they will not be able to sit in the interview unless they are an interpreter

Most people are not successful simply because we do not have sufficient flats for everyone who contacts us. You can be placed on our waiting list for three months but this does not guarantee you a place as we have to constantly reassess who is in most need.